Welcome to Corsica for Hikers

This website is dedicated to the beautiful island of Corsica and to hikers who love trekking in wild mountains, walking along rugged seashores, mysterious history, friendly people and everything else, what Corsica offers to its visitors.

Travel guide to Corsica

Most information on Corsica is organized into on-line travel guide that you can either read page by page, or jump right into the chapter you are interested in:

Trekking guide, hiking routes etc.

Because the guide is primarily intended for hikers and walkers, trekking in Corsica and the island's hiking trails get special attention in the "Things to do and see" chapter:

Content of this section is still growing and more itineraries of both long-distance treks and short walks or day trips will come soon.


Beauty of Corsica can't be described by words only, so check out the pictures. The gallery is based on about 200 photos of my own and quickly expands thanks to contributions by nice people willing to share their photos with others.

You can help

I don't live in Corsica and can't know it as thoroughly as I'd like. Please share your own knowledge and experience. Use our forum to correct any misinformation you may find or ask a question to get more detailed answer. If you know Corsica really well and are willing to share your knowledge, contact me and I'll set up an account for you that allows you to post your own articles or photos.

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